Company "ANTI LIE"

ANTI LIE – is a modern company, specialized in the sphere of lie detection using polygraph. ANTI LIE company successfully cooperate with different client groups from private persons till big corporations in Krivoy Rog and other cities of Ukraine. Our company has become the stable partner for different enterprises, which are successfully developing in Krivoy Rog and whole Ukraine.

The specialists of ANTI LIE company have certificated education of poliprapholog and many-years experience in the sphere of lie detection. We’re using the best foreign and native methodic, many times used in state structures and in commercial organizations.

Many enterprises of Krivoy Rog and Ukraine have already highly estimated and came to the positive conclusion about the results of work of the ANTI LIE Company specialists. Due to our new modern service in Krivoy Rog city many different crimes were solved, many violations were found on enterprises and commercial organizations, many non-legal actions and machination schemes were investigated.

The experience shows: the employer usually forgives the employees small thefts or does not pay attention to it at all. And this impunity surely provokes thefts of bigger size. That’s why we propose preventing methods for avoiding such situations such as planned testing employees and testing people applying for work.

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