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Ukrainian company ANTI LIE has already helped hundreds of foreigners not to get into a trouble while searching for Ukrainian bride. We successfully cooperate with marital agencies of Ukraine and Russia, proposing verification of potential brides on lie detector – polygraph.

How does it work?

A good Russian proverb says “Trust, but verify”. It can be successfully used in a sphere of foreign acquaintances. You never know for sure with whom you chat on the site and at last with whom you are going to meet in real and maybe even link your destiny with. Ukrainian company ANTI LIE has already helped hundreds of foreigners not to get into a trouble. Using the stable modern device – Lie Detector (polygraph) we help our customers to get answers for such questions about potential brides:

1. If she has dependence from games of chance
2. If she has dependence from alcohol and drugs
3. If she has (had in past) any chronic and venereal diseases
4. If she had any previous convictions or took part in any non-legal actions.
5. If she offered intimate services for money
6. If she has any debts or credit responsibilities
7. Other questions interesting for customer.

Questions can be changed according to the will of customer.
The price of testing on polygraph (lie detector):

from 500 – till 1000 euro.

The service is paid by the foreign fiancé

This is the price of 1 person’s verification. It can be changed depending on complication of polygraphologic testing.

Marital agencies and Internet resources are invited for mutually advantageous cooperation.

Stubborn Statistics

Our statistics shows that about 30% of tested women had venereal diseases (3% among them AIDS), 25% has problems with law and used drugs, 43% offered intimate services for money (prostitution) and 56% turned out to be financially dependent (have debts and credits in banks). 

On your demand we will send you an example of real report which was made after Ukrainian girl testing in order you can see how it works.

Be sure your customers are sharing their life, money, house and heart with exactly those women!

The scheme of cooperation

If our offer interested you, you should add advertisement of our service to your site for fiancés. In addition, you can put a very important point to the «agreement about the use» (which all users, passing registration, read). This point will obligate all the girls who make their pages on the site to pass verification on the lie detector if necessary (according to the will of potential fiancé). Such step will considerably multiply the trust of clients to the Internet resource or exact marital agency and moreover will confirm your position as reliable site (agency) of acquaintances with clean reputation.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions

manager  Kateryna:

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The example of report for marital agencies

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