Detective service

Detective agency “X-Info” is a business partner of ANTI LIE Company

During more then a year ANTI LIE Company offers the whole spectrum of detective services in Krivoy Rog. We work with private bodies and companies as well. 

Detective services provided by Detective agency “X-Info”:

- Professional surveillance:
- Outdoors supervision (pedestrian / auto);
- Informative dossier;
- The hidden video supervision;
- Verification of someone’s lifestyle;
- Alibi verification;
- Finding compromising information about competitor;
- Help in the return of someone dear to you;
- Collection of information on future fiancé / fiancée;
- Other services.

Services, provided by private detectives are in great demand nowadays. It’s hard to over-estimate the value of reliable and operative information in the most different situations in business and personal life as well. Having a business deal with a new partner? Hiring a new employee on responsible position? Going to share the nuptial knot with some person, but not sure enough about his past? A private detective, due to exhaust connections and long-term experience, will decide these and many other questions quickly and professionally.

Don’t rely on a case, but use the strongest weapon - reliable information.

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