Family problems

The child is the most important value for his/her parents. That’s why responsible parents pay much attention to his/her problems and inner worries. Worries of a kid can’t be ungrounded. As usual, it is preceded by some negative events, which r hidden from parents as a child is afraid to tell about what happened. The specialist psychologist –polygraphologist can help you to know the truth about your child in such cases.

We r applied to for such questions:

- does my child use drugs;
- does my child miss lessons and why;
- where does my child spend money for: the session or the disco;
- why were my child fired from the university;
- does my child play games of chance;
- does my child have money debt;
- who committed a theft: my child or guests;
- other questions.

Questions can be changed according to the wishes of customer.

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