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How to prevent thefts and swindle in Your organization?

1. To sign in the contract, which is concluded with seekers applying for work, a point which obligate the seeker to pass the testing when necessary or according to the wish of employer.
After signing the contract the seeker will think twice before doing any non-legal actions in your organization.

Examples of extracts from the contract.

2. Screening - is testing of competitors applying for work on a lie-detector on questions of interesting to customer.
After testing the potential worker of Your company on poligraph, you will get to know about his past negative acts (thefts, swindle and other) and risk factors as well(debts, credits, dependences and other).Coming from these information, you will be able to make decision: to take this man on this position and control him in a way, or not to take him for work at all. All of us know that there r no ideal people, but there are cases, when it’s better not to risk property, information or prestige of Your organization.

3. The psychological testing is testing of competitor with the list of psychological tests.

If while testing with on polygraph you’re getting mostly negative information about a subject and his past, through the psychological testing, you will get the get the information about personality and all his psychological features. And also recommendations of psychologist on motivation of this subject to work (what "levers" it is better to use for this employee in order to increase his productivity).

4. The periodic testing with the use of lie-detector is testing on polygraph of already workings employees.
Testing on poligrafe of one of employees of Your organization at least once a month, you will hold in "tone" the team on the whole. And this way you will protect the company from thefts, swindle and other non-legal acts from the side of personnel.

What to do, if a theft has already happened?

1. To conduct official investigation with the use of lie-detector - a questioning and testing of persons, suspected in the theft. After it you get to know, who of employees, friends, relatives or acquaintances were participating in this theft.
2. To organize additional verification of ware-house accountings and book-keeping operations (if necessary).
3. Preparation and transmission of materials to police.
4. Other actions on a concordance with a customer.

Points 2, 3, 4 r the additional services provided by our partners.

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