Guess the emotion

Emotion (from lat. Emoveo – shocking, exciting) - emotional process of middle lasting, reflecting subjective evaluation attitude toward existent or possible situations. Emotions are distinguished from affects, senses and moods.

Emotions is a lasting in time processes of the internal adjusting of human’s or animal’s activity, reflecting sense (value for the process of his vital functions) which real or possible situations have in one’s life. Human has emotions generated by experience of pleasure, displeasure, fear, and so on, playing a role of orienting subjective signals. No scientific methods have been found yet to estimate the presence of the animal’s subjective experiencing (as it is subjective). It is important to understand in this context, that emotion itself can, but not must, generate such experiencing, and is being exactly the process of the internal adjusting of activity.

Lower you can see human’s emotions in a form of funny illustration.

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