How to cheat the lie detector?

How to cheat a lie-detector, if methods of counteractions people being tested try to apply are well-known to our polygraphologists?

How to cheat a lie-detector; if professional poligraphologist has already read all the described methods of counteraction to polygraph in the internet, and learned how to expose these counteractions while the testing.
Some polygraphs has a scale, which shows the level of excitation, emotional tension, self-control and other indexes, allowing to draw conclusion: whether the testified used calming drugs, energy drinks, etc.

How to cheat a lie-detector, if polygraphologist`s conclusions are based not only on the testimonies of device but also the expert estimation of the got results, controlling the nonverbal reactions of subject?

How to cheat the polygraph, if it registers the changes of psycho-physical parameters, which can’t be controlled consciously.

How to cheat a lie-detector, if you know that you lie, and the device will expose a lie for sure?

How to cheat the polygraph, if it has the phenomenal degree of exactness, reaching 98%.

Though there are people and firms which offer to teach a man the methods of counteraction to polygraph, but these methods are unperfect. And people, offerings such services, simply want to take money out of you, not fulfilling the promises.

In any case counteraction from the side of inspected only worsen his situation!

But however, CHEATING LIE-DETECTOR IS POSSIBLE only in case if you can manage your organism on MOLECULAR level.


If you have nothing to hide, or you haven’t participated in any non-legal action, don’t curse yourself. Simply pass testing on the detector of lie. This way you will show your decency and aspiration to find truth in a certain situation.

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