Lie Detector

Lie Detector and spheres of its usage

Polygraph (from Greek ???? – many and ????? – to write, synonym “lie detector”) – the device measuring the list of changes in a vegetative nervous system (blood tension, perspiration, the breathing and heart beating frequency and other peculiarities). This information is marked in polygram in a special program. After calculation of this psychophysiological information, polygraphologist comes to a conclusion about which of the questions were answered truthfully and on which lied. All the information got during the testing is given to the customer in a form of report. 

The service of instrumental lie detection is relatively new, but more and more leaders of different organizations of Krivoy Rog use this method for controlling their employees and finding out the truth in critical situations.

The help of usage polygraph in a business is evident, as it stimulates minimization of risks, connected with actions of not honest employees.

Thefts of goods and material values, unauthorized sharing of confidential information with competitors, so called “kickbacks” and many other non-legal actions can do much harm, which can be expressed in a very significant numbers. All these risks disappear if the employer uses polygraph (lie detector) before hiring personnel for work and organizes regular testing for employees.

The usage of lie detector in enterprise is solving the list of tasks such as choosing the personnel or finding out not honest employees, who work in the organization. Making periodical testing of your personnel u will get to know who steals on a workplace, taking part in a swindle, sharing confidential information with competitors, involved in “kickbacks” and so on.

Polygraph – is not a kind of panacea from all the evil, but very good helper and very strong retentive factor keeping your personnel away from non-legal actions.

We offer the high-qualified testing on lie detector in order to give you answers for questions of almost all kinds. Polygraph (lie detector) is often called the machine which can read the thoughts.
Sure, this device stands far from real thoughts reading, but to decide if the testimonies or answers of a person are truthful quite possible with its help. Specialists of ANTI LIE Company will organize for you a testing on lie detector and you will get a high-quality service in a sphere of instrumental lie detection.

The service of lie detection 

Finding out who participated in theft
Testing personnel applying for work
Planned testing of personnel on lie detector
Testing of home personnel
Family problems (children over 16)
Bride's testing
Be sure in tomorrow – get to know the truth today!
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