Presentation of the polygraph in Krivoy Rog

At a regular meeting of the club in the HR consulting firm NOVA PERSON, director ANTI LIE met with the leaders and top - managers of leading organizations in the city of Krivoy Rog.

Theme of the meeting was devoted to the instrumental detection of deception, a polygraph test (lie detector) in Krivoy Rog, as well as provided information about the features of man who lies man.

During the report covered the following topics:

  • - Features of speech, talking about the lies and the related emotional stress.
  • - Signs of the lie in his voice.
  • - Non-verbal signs of deception.
  • - What is a polygraph and how it works.
  • - What problems are solved using the polygraph. (Our services)
  • - Methods of anti-polygraph.
  • - Demonstration of the polygraph.

Attendees of the report have been expressed positive opinions on the use of lie detector in all business areas. All agreed that it is better to apply the precautionary (preventive) practices, such as testing staff for a job (screening) and the planned inspection staff than in the future to resort to the official investigation into the use of the polygraph, then deprived of any material assets or of confidential information. And verify that the application of a lie detector - a recipe for a successful business.

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