Personnel selection

Consulting company NOVA PERSONA is the business partner of ANTI LIE Company

Uniting our efforts we will select the most skilled and reliable personnel for you.

However clever you are or enterprising, Your business and its fate are in the hands of those people whom you hire. (Akino Mariota)

We select personnel in the different spheres of activity of any level of complication. Minimum term of closing the vacancy - 3 days. Middle term of closing the vacancy – 2 weeks.

Our service in the sphere of selecting the personnel:

- Headhunting – “hunting” concrete specialists, interesting for your company, enticing of specialists from other companies, from competitors;
- Executive Search - purposeful search and selection of managers of higher link and rare specialists from the proper segment of market;
- Recruitment - search and selection of specialists and managers of middle link;
- A selection of home personnel - nurses, governesses, invalid tenders, maids;
- Representative office on a turnkey basis - is the complete staffing from a «zero».

Conditions of cooperation:

Demands for employer:

- Clean slate of company-customer;
- Fulfilling commitments on the conditions of work and payment of labour;
- Giving reliable information about the company, necessary for the selection of necessary specialists;
- Work on rights for an exclusive search (in the period of our cooperation youshould not give information about the vacancies opened for us in MASS-MEDIA, organise your own search, apply in other consulting and similarly skilled companies with the purpose of selection of personnel on the vacancies opened for us).

Obligations and guarantees:

- Confident search (not sharing commercial information of company-customer and the company names in the case of replacement of still working specialist);
- Offering candidates in accordance with requirements for the opened position and by other wishes of employer;
- Verification of recommendations of the offered candidates, psychological testing and lie detection if necessary;
- Single free replacement of specialist in the case of discharge of the employee given by us during a guarantee term.

The term of guarantee obligations is 1 - 3 months, depending on the level of position:

- 1 month - a worker, sale and service stuff, ordinary employees of departments;
- 2 month - leaders of middle link (supervisers, chiefs of departments and structural subdivisions);
- 3 month - Top-management (higher leading positions of company).

The price of personnel selection service is 100% average monthly salary of needed specialist. We work without pre-pay. Payment for the personnel selection service is taken after the fact of appliance of specialist for work. We have a system of discounts for customers.

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