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It’s not a secret that “white” lines of our life r changing its colors. Everyone takes changes in a different way. Many things can happen. Also events not expected by us, actions which can’t be guessed beforehand. And sometimes we’re feeling miserable without taking to account our achievements and age. In this way we propose complex psychological support, psychological consulting, and psychotherapy. Very often we are coming to the idea, that a personality comfort and health is a dear trophy which needs to be saved.

Problems which people usually apply to us for salvation:

1. Loneliness, depressions, lack of confidence, difficulties in socializing and co-operation with oters, sense of guiltiness, misunderstanding with other people (also misunderstanding in a family);
2. Difficulties in making decision, problems of personality growth, low self-appraisal, problems of matrimonial and child-paternal relations.
3. Others.

Psychological support:

Psychological testing

If while testing with on polygraph you’re getting mostly negative information about a subject and his past, through the psychological testing, you will get the get the information about personality and all his psychological features. And also recommendations of psychologist on motivation of this subject to work (what "levers" it is better to use for this employee in order to increase his productivity).

Psychological testing online

More often the psychologists of the Krivoy Rog notice a tendency of studying the personality by the customers. With this aim we use psychotherapeutical diagnostics - with the help of a computer and psychological tests you are getting a rich interpretation of your psychological state. The research of the personality allow to realize existing problems, to describe the model of your behavior in different life situations. The knowledge of the strong and weak sides of personality helps a person to «grow» in society.

Family consulting

Family is the very difficult system, with many components. And we are not always a success to control everything and at once, as we want. When everything goes bad in your family, you’re loosing a wish to do anything, to aim, to success and to achieve. Only in a family one feels safety. In order to prevent natural calamities in your family, it is necessary to create a good domestic weather. With the help of psychologist the real situations are created, a microclimate is studied, role games are used, it will allow to answers the questions from which all misunderstandings usually begin.

Problems with teenagers

First experience of grown man life, acquaintance with an alcohol, drugs, risk, impulsive and asocial behavior, non-legal acts - these are the forbidden fruits all the teenagers want to taste. Such problems can appear in life of all teenagers not depending on social status, relationships with parents, successes in studies and other factors. In order to avoid a similar scenario teenagers and parents have the opportunity to work with a psychologist at the level of acquaintance with a psychological problem. When you experience difficulty, you want to know that will be after. Our purpose – to help to overcome conflicts, difficulties, misunderstanding between a child and parent, to create a comfort conditions in your family.
It is important to learn how to influence the problem, untill the problem has not begun to influence you.

Psychologist online

The format of psychological help is determined by Your query to the psychologist. Sometimes location and time does not allow to apply to the psychologist for the consultation. In this way, having a computer, mobile phone in your hands, being in any point of Ukraine, you have the opportunity to get a psychological help on-line.
Your personal psychologist in the Internet will offer you a psychological help on-line, and will consult u in order to help to make decisions on personal problems or problems of Your relatives.
You can leave a request on our site beforehand, and you will be able to visit the psychologist online. Your difficulties and questions certainly will be certainly solved in the process of the psychological advising. The professional help of practical psychologist will help you to answer questions about reasons and nature of Your fears, discomfort states and all that doesn`t gives u opportunity to feel the taste of life. Consultations of psychologist have anonymous and confidential character.

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