Research who’s participating in theft

The aim of lie detector testing:

1. To research if any theft of money, documents, material values, etc took place.
2. To limit the circle of suspected
3. To determine the circle of those who did non-legal actions

If some theft or information leak has taken place in your company and you want to solve the problem without Law Enforcing Bodies, the most rational measure will be the call of the ANTI LIE specialist.

The testing on polygraph gives opportunity to determine those who participated in non-legal actions of some subject or to narrow the circle of potential suspected, to eliminate honest employees from those who r suspected and to renew the comfortable psychological atmosphere in a team.

Important aspects of effective polygraph usage:

1. To find out among the employees who has already got to know about non-legal action especially about it details.
2. To limit the access to the information about the incident to those who r suspected. The less details they know about the affair, more easy will be to find those who participated in it.
3. To organize testing on detector suddenly without giving them a chance to get ready beforehand
4. To share all the known details about the EM with the polygrapholog.

The table of estimating of effective polygraph usage in research (inner trial)
The level of express 1 2 3 4 5
The presence of information 5 10 15 20 25
The clearness of event awareness 7 14 21 28 35
The importance of the event for the person being tested 8 16 24 34 42

The explanations for the table:

The presence of information is estimated this way: the totally informed personnel about the incident – 5. The totally uninformed personnel – 25

The clearness of event awareness by those who are tested (in the moment of action) is being estimated this way: if the person was totally not responsible for his (her) the actions (was under the influence of narcotic, toxic or alcoholic inebriation) - 7 points.
If the person was fully responsible for his/her actions – 35 points

The importance of the event for the person being tested estimates this way:
If the incident of small importance (small theft) - 8 points
If the incident is extra important (especially big theft, for example 100 000 USD or especially the murder) – 40 points

After estimating all these 3 contains the points r summarized and we come to a certain conclusion:

If the total sum of points is less then 50, then the testing on detector has a small possibility that the participants of the non-legal action will be determined. That’s why you shouldn’t pin your hopes on polygraph – think twice if you should waste your money calling a specialist, who might be not able to give exact answers the questions put before him (and it’s not his fault).

If the total sum of points from 50 till 70, the testing on polygraph has middle degree of possibility that the guilty in non-legal action will be found. In this case the help of polygrapholog can be useful enough for the solving of this or that case. But even here it’s no need to wait for 100% result from testing, though to try to find the malefactor with its help can be very useful.

If the sum of points is more then 70, then the testing on lie detector has a high degree of possibility to find the person guilty in EM (participating). That’s why its strongly recommended to begin testing as soon as possible.

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