Testing personnel applying for work

Testing the personnel applying for work on lie detector (screening).

Applying for work the competitor doesn`t always tells the truth about his violations or non-legal actions at the previous workplaces, often hides the information about thefts, machinations, swindles with the property of employer, problems with account receivables.

We are testing personnel on the next questions:

- The presence of alcoholic, narcotic, playing dependence;
- The true reason of applying for work;
- Committing thefts and making any material damage at previous workplaces;
- Having debts and credits by the subject and his/her relatives;
- Having non-official (“left”) profits at the expense of enterprise;
- Having calls to the police as suspected or guilty;
- Having criminal ties;
- Thefts of the confident information;
- Others.

The questions can be different according to the wish of the customer.

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