The legal aspects

Legality of lie-detector application

The realization of the polygraphologic testing at investigation, salvation of crimes, extraordinary incident, and also in personnel selection is legislatively grounded.
The use of polygraph is not forbidden legislatively in Ukraine, and the license to use it is not required.

Testing with the use of lie detector is carried out on the basis of positions which regulate a testing order, that fully conforms to the requirements and norms of legislation of Ukraine:

To the section 2, Constitution of Ukraine of Right, duty of man and citizen;

Page 26, 40, 138, 139 and other Pandect about Labor in Ukraine;

P.21 of Decision of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine #170 from 19.03.1994 "About organization of application of contract form of labour agreement";

National classifier of types of economic activity of Ukraine, Gospotrebstandart of Ukraine ratified Order # 375 dated 26.12.2005 year;

Laws of Ukraine - About standardization, About a state secret, About information, About jars and bank activity, About financial services and government control of market of financial services, About operative-search activity;
To the decision of Cabinet Ukraine About the list of information which do not make a commercial secret # 611 from 09.08.1993 year;

Civil code of Ukraine;

Item 36 the Economic code of Ukraine Illegal collection, disclosure and use of information, being a commercial secret and others;

In basis of development of Method the scientifically grounded criminalistics methods of the use of polygraph as facilities of diagnostics in the exposure of non legal actions (a publ. Lawyer, 1997 year ., Course of criminalistics, R.S. Belkin, t. 3, section 1, p. 2), department normative documents, scientific-methodical manuals and practical works of MVD of Ukraine (Order MVD of Ukraine # 112- of 1994 year . and other);

To ethics Code of psychologists, accepted on a 1-mcode adjusting convention of Society of psychologists of Ukraine, 20.12.1990 in Kiev.

Result of official query in a scientific and technical management SSU of Ukraine from 19.03.2003 year: "Upon Your request we report that the use of contact polygraphs is not limited by the current legislation of Ukraine , also in commercial aims. Chief of Management O. of S-v" (iskh. #36 r.- 754 from 08.05.2003 year.).

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