The scheme of testing

The scheme of polygraphologic testing

1. The conversation with polygraphologist. Before testing on the lie detector polygraphologist acquaints a subject with his rights and necessary information about procedure. On the basis of the got knowledge a subject accepts an independent decision about possibility of lead through of the testing. The voluntarily agreement to questioning with the use of polygraph, a subject confirms, signing the statement «about a voluntarily agreement to the lead through of testing with the use of lie detector». After signing of this statement, polygraphologist gives instructions about the rules of conduct during testing on polygraph.

2. Pre-test conversation during which a subject answers the questions of polygraphologist, on topic interesting for Customer.

3. Testing. With turned on polygraph and sensors connected to the subject, the testable gives answers («yes or no») for the questions known to him (before discussed).

4. Conversation after testing, during which the testable, sometimes, gives conviction testimonies on questions interesting to customer.

Testing on lie detector lasts from 1,5 to 2,5 hours. The result of testing using polygraph and all the information got from a subject, considered confidential and belongs to Customer.

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