Variants of excerption from the contract

Variants of excerption from the contract with seeker applying for work:

In order to provide the corporative safety and also taking to the consideration significance and responsibility of taken duties, the employee has to pass polygraphological testing regularly using the methods without any harm for the human’s health.

While filling the questionnaire and concluding the agreement to give to employer the truthful documents and information about yourself and your labour activity, and also according to the wish of employer to pass the testing on polygraph using methods not harmful for human’s health, for confirmation of absence of grounds, preventing conclusion of labour contract. 

To assist actively all the official proceedings organized by the employer, in a case of necessity to pass the testing on polygraph using methods not harmful for human’s health.
To pass the prophylactic (periodic or selective) psycho-physiological investigation using methods not harmful for human’s health of perforce or at employer’s option.

Information got during special psycho-physiological investigation has confidential character and is given only to the leader of enterprise.

Firing the employee from the occupied position is executed by guidance of enterprise based on grounds according to the current legislation, at presence of grounds for losing of trust from the side of guidance (proved operatively or in any other way facts of violations, exposed during verification on polygraph; in other variant - in the case of the repeated avoiding tests without reason).

Questioning with the use of poligraph corresponds moral aspects, oriented to the current legislative and normative acts of Ukraine, leading criminalistics methods and techniques.

Attention! Results of the poligphological testing can`t be the base for accepting any negative decisions toward the concrete persons who passed the testing!
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